Sabbat Worlds Crusade: 63rd Elchingen Hussars

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Private Journal Entries of Captain Terézia Ági Bokor, 63rd Elchingen Hussars




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Notes: The following file contains personal journal entries from the writings of one Captain Terézia Ági Bokor of the 63rd Elchingen Hussars. Capt. Bokor led a small contingent of Imperial Guardsmen, primarily from her own regiment, during Operation Anadyr Ascendent on Khan III, as a part of Intruder Force Fenix Majestic, under the command of REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED VERMILION LEVEL CLEARANCE REQUIRED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED.

ACCESSED: Journal entry date: 254.773.M41

“The 414th [Krieg Siege Infantry] has begun working on opening a way to smuggle in a small force of Guardsmen into the hive, and it’s my unit that’s drawn the (un)lucky straw. While it is not the case that I shirk from this chance to do my duty to the Emperor and honour my forefathers, I am deeply suspicious of the motives of REDACTED in sending us into a city full of enemy combatants with extremely little support. It is not even clear to me at this time what exactly our objectives are. While my troops excel at stealth, I keep hearing rumors about destroying some plasma generators. We’re certainly equipped for taking out static structures, but not of that level of instability. I fear that High Command is condemning my unit and regiment to a suicide mission.”

ACCESSED: Journal entry date: 267.773.M41

“Damn that REDACTED! He’s brought in Satorus mercenaries. Why they haven’t all met their end in front of a firing line, only the blessed God-Emperor knows. If we’re to liberate this planet, we don’t need to bring our own damn butchers – the Archenemy has done enough slaughter here to last for generations. I’m going to file a petition with the Field-Marshall personally to have them removed from all combat operations.”

ACCESSED: Journal entry date: 270.773.M41

“I have been ‘convinced’ to remove my objections about the damn Satorus, lest I lose my command. I almost resigned then and there. They say Elchingens can’t be trusted – have they even seen the crimes that those bloody sell-swords have racked up? This mission stinks worse every damn day.”

ACCESSED: Journal entry date: 277.773.M41

“I finally have a clearer understanding of what my soldiers are going to be sacrificed for. It appears that we’re to locate and assist any remaining resistance units in the hive in order to destroy the void shield generators protecting the city from assault. If we can do that, then the whole army group can descend on the hive and take it back from the bloody enemy. It is my hope that there is still a resistance left to link up with. The complete lack of any evidence that civilians once lived here is unnerving to say the least. I’ve also been tasked with finding any remaining planetary VIPs, and securing their persons. The Ecclesiarchy has also requested that we recover more of the planet’s holy relics if we should find them.”

ACCESSED: Journal entry date: 279.773.M41

“We have made it through the tunnels of the underhive. By the Throne, I never want to be there again. Elchingen Hussars are meant to fly free and descend from the starry heavens above, not be trapped like rats in a cage. Special commendations will need to be made for Primus Squad who secured the lifts that will took us to the surface. I lost ten men in those tunnels, including Specialist Koba, who was our company’s primary demolitions expert. Between this and previous casualties, this gives me about 300 men effective. I left Six Platoon guarding the entrance under the command of Lt. Zaal Gaioz. We’ve also discovered that the Resistance is still alive, if diminished, and that the Blood Pact are selling civilians (well, the ones they aren’t using for sacrificial rituals and slave labor) to some sort of xenos. I knew this mission was shit. We’re currently en route to the Resistance HQ. Hope to get some more answers there.”


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