Captain Terézia Ági Bokor

Sigrdrífa Company Commander, Sigma Battalion, 63rd Elchingen Hussars


Captain Terézia Ági Bokor originally began her military career as a line infantry officer before switching specialties to air cav after showing aptitudes for rapid deployment and drops into hot combat zones. She currently leads Sigrdrífa Company in Sigma Battalion.

  • Homeworld: Elchingen
  • Hometown: Fort Jomoreus
  • DOB:100.744.M41
  • Blood Type: AB-
  • Rank: Captain
  • Education and Training:
    • Imperial Guard Induction (762.M41)
      • Fundamental and Preparatory (763.M41)
      • Airborne Badge, Senior Airborne Badge, Master Airborne Badge (766.M41)
    • Scholum Publica Ludapast (766.M41)
      • Scientiae Baccalarium degree, Military Science
      • Graduated at rank of Lieutenant
    • Assigned to 204th Elchingen Line Infantry regiment (766.M41)
    • Reassigned to 63rd Elchingen Hussars (767.M41)
      • Promoted to Captain following campaign on Aondrift Nova (771.M41)

Captain Terézia Ági Bokor

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