Colonel Arec Nicéphore

Commander of the 63rd Elchingen Hussars


A veteran of the Planetary Defense Force who first cut his teeth in the Chaos uprising almost 40 years ago on the planet. Now reaching late middle age, he seeks to help redeem his planet’s reputation by leading the best damn air cav regiment he can muster. Nicéphore began his military career as a member of a “scratch” guerrilla company in the uprising, one of the numerous defenders who arose in counter-revolt against the Chaos cultists swarming the hives. After the uprising, he joined the PDF and was quickly given a non-com rank, before rapidly rising through the ranks to reach command level.

  • Homeworld: Elchingen
  • Hometown: Sanzibar
  • DOB: 045.717.M41
  • Blood Type: O-
  • Rank: Colonel
  • Education and Training:
    • Scratch Company Training (733.M41)
    • Volunteered for Planetary Defense Force (734.M41)
      • Fundamental and Preparatory (734.M41)
        • Inducted as a Non-Commissioned Officer at the rank of Sergeant
        • Basic Airborne Badge
      • Promoted to Sergeant Major (745.M41)
    • St. Kiodrus Officer Training School (749.M41)
      • Scientiae Baccalaureus degree, Military Science
      • Commissioned as a Captain
      • Senior and Master Airborne Badges
    • Promoted to Major (755.M41)
      • Military Freefall Airborne Badge
      • Pathfinder Badge
    • Reassigned to Imperial Guard, promoted to Colonel of 63rd Elchingen Hussars (767.M41)

Colonel Arec Nicéphore

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