63rd Elchingen Hussars



The 63rd Elchingen Hussars was founded five years ago, with the full 15,000 men and women that the Imperium expects from Elchingen’s hussar regiments. Shortly after mustering, it, along with several other units from Elchingen, were sent out as the regular tithe to the Sabbats World Crusade. The 63rd Hussars have only participated in two major battles thus far, the Siege of Barnabus Cancer, and the campaign on Aondrift Nova. Warp travel and stagings at mustering points have occupied the majority of the regiment’s time in the Crusade thus far. As such, they have a low casualty rate, with 3% KIA, and 1% discharged on serious illness and wounds, with another 2% MIA (most are assumed dead).

The regiment has an Imperial Naval wing, the 455th “Riotous Steeds” Imperial Navy Fighter Wing, attached to it to provide drop ship and assault gunboat support during its airborne assaults. It also has an Adeptus Mechanicus unit to provide technical and combat engineering support.

The regiment’s official motto is “The Emperor’s Justice from Heaven!” However, most members of the regiment are more likely to recite the Elchingen Hussars’ credo when asked to sum up their martial philosophy: “Feet first into hell!”



The current commander of the 63rd is Colonel Arec Nicéphore, a veteran of the Planetary Defense Force who first cut his teeth in the Chaos uprising almost 40 years ago on the planet. Now reaching late middle age, he seeks to help redeem his planet’s reputation by leading the best damn air cav regiment he can muster.

Attached to the regiment are two fearsome figures: Senior Commissar Marij Knezevic (of the Ignatius Cardinal Schola Progenium) and Inquisitor Fevel Corman of the Ordo Hereticus. Serving as a special security detachment under the Inquisitor are 50 Sisters of Battle from the Militant Order of Our Martyred Lady, led by Sister Superior Aideena Sabbatine Marionno.

Gamma Battalion is led by Major Jeroen Arntzen, of the Southern Hive Arntzens. While the name doesn’t hold much sway off world, to native Elchingens, it commands considerable attention. Major Arntzen has little direct combat experience, but has so far accommodated herself well.

Captain Terézia Ági Bokor originally began her military career as a line infantry officer before switching specialties to air cav after showing aptitudes for rapid deployment and drops into hot combat zones. She currently leads Sigrdrífa Company in Gamma Battalion.

Lieutenant Sandor Boldizsar has recently been promoted to Nine Platoon leader in Sigrdrífa Company; after passing the Commissioned Officer Examination, the former sergeant (in connection with his Mid-Spine family relations) has finally begun to move up in the world.


Elchingen Hussars are disciplined, but can be insanely brave in the face of danger – a trait that High Command has noticed in most drop troop regiments. The constant adrenaline of high risk drops, often behind enemy lines, leads many Hussars to adopt personalized rituals and superstitions. They also have a tendency to adopt a sort of “dark humor” approach to the unique dangers that drop troopers face – e.g., being shot down before deploying, gravchute failure, etc. As such, they often refer to their transport vessels as “flying coffins” or “take-home boxes” (i.e., that death in the drop zone is the only means of ever returning home), and the descent to planet fall and/or drop zones is often known as “the home-bound commute” or “the five o’clock shit train to hell.”

This “devil may care” attitude is perhaps best expressed in this drop troop training cadence of the 63rd Elchingen Hussars:

My mamma, can’t you see,
What this corps has done for me.
Put me in a barber’s chair,
Snip snap, and I had no hair.
If I die in a combat zone,
Box me up and ship me home.
Put me in a set of dress blues,
Comb my hair and shine my shoes.
Pin my medals upon my chest,
Tell my mamma I did my best.
My mamma, can’t you tell?
The motto is feet first into hell!
When I go to heaven,
The Emperor, he will say,
“How’d you earn your living?
How’d you earn your pay?”
I’ll reply with righteous anger,
“As one of the Emperor’s finest rangers!”
When I go home,
The civvies they will say,
“How’d you earn your living?
How’d you earn your pay?”
I’ll reply with a cool nod,
“I earned my living serving my God!”
When I go to war,
The heretics they will say,
“How’d you earn your living?
How’d you earn your pay?”
I’ll reply as I pull out my knife,
Get out of my way or I’ll end your life!



The average trooper is issued the following weapons, armor, gear, and assorted other items:


  • M36 Las Gun w/ four Ammo Cartridges
  • Las Pistol w/ two Ammo Cartridges
  • Two Frag Grenades
  • Two Smoke Grenades
  • One knife


  • One Suit of Imperial Flak Armour, chameleoline-coated

Standard Kit

  • One Respirator
  • One Grav Chute
  • One combat uniform
  • One dress uniform
  • One set of poor weather gear
  • One rucksack or sling bag
  • One set of basic tools
  • One mess kit and one water canteen
  • One blanket and one sleep bag
  • One rechargeable lamp pack
  • One grooming kit
  • One set of cognomen tags
  • One copy of the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
  • Combat sustenance rations, four weeks’ supply
  • One Micro-bead
  • One Targetor


The 63rd Elchingen Hussars was built using the following rules from Only War and Hammer of the Emperor.

Homeworld: Fortress World
Commander: Maverick
Regiment Type: Drop Troops
Doctrines: Sharpshooters
Special Equipment Doctrine: Chameleoline
Drawbacks: Mistrusted
Favored Weapons: Long-las, Missile Launcher

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63rd Elchingen Hussars

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