Sister Superior Aideena Sabbatine Marionno

Commander of the Sisters of Battle attached to the 63rd Elchingen Hussars


Sister Superior Aideena Sabbatine Marionno is the leader of the 50 women from the Militant Order of Our Martyred Lady who are currently attached to Inquisitor Fevel Corman in their capacity as the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Hereticus. They are charged with both the protection of Inquisitor Corman and ensuring the loyalty of the 63rd Elchingen Hussars. She was raised in the Volek Majoris Schola Progenium, before being sent to the Convent Sanctorum on Ophelia VII to be baptized into the Adepta Sororitas.

Like all members of the Sisterhood who serve in this Crusade, she displays her devotion to Saint Sabbat (1) by taking her name as her own. She has served in the Crusade since the very start, having served with distinction at Balhaut. She is less than pleased to have been reassigned away from the front lines of Macaroth’s push into the Cabal Systems, but serves the Inquisitor with all the devotion demanded by her order.

1: Theologians and historians believe St. Sabbat was a member of the proto-unit that would eventually become the Daughters of the Emperor, and that a direct lineage can be traced from her to the Militant Order of the Fiery Heart, who renamed themselves the Order of Our Martyred Lady in the 38th millennium.

Sister Superior Aideena Sabbatine Marionno

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