Imperial Navy

From the Warhammer 40000 wiki:

“The Imperial Navy is one of the armed forces of the Imperium of Man. While the Imperial Guard represents the Imperium’s ground forces, the Imperial Navy is responsible for the fleets of starships that maintain order between the stars and planets in the Imperium, for all space and air support provided to the infantry of the Imperial Guard, and for transporting those Guardsmen across the galaxy to the Imperium’s myriad warzones. The battlefleets of the Imperial Navy are constantly engaging threats both inside and outside the Imperium’s borders.”

Role in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade

The Imperial Navy fulfills three functions in the Crusade:

  1. A defensive role, protecting the planets and shipping lanes of the Imperium’s holdings in orbit and deep space throughout the Sabbat Worlds Sector from attacks by any enemy force. Given the nature of the Crusade, they are especially wary of Chaos forces operating in space.
  1. An offensive role, seeking out and destroying the Chaos fleets of the Sanguinary Worlds as part of the Crusade’s prosecution of the eternal Enemy of Mankind.
  1. A secondary offensive role of providing orbital support to the ground based forces of the Imperium in their Crusade, especially providing orbital bombardment and deployment of forces for the Imperial Guard. In this capacity, they also serve as the primary means of interplanetary transportation for the Imperial Guard (most other Imperial military forces have their own fleets, such as the battle barges of the Adeptus Astartes and the Explorator fleets of the Adeptus Mechanicus). They also provide close fire support and air superiority through their fighter and bomber aircraft. These units work especially close with the Imperial Guard, and are often assigned long term to a particular army group and/or regiment.

Battlefleet Khan

The Imperial Naval Fleet in orbit around Khan III is a part of the larger task force known as Battlefleet Khan. While the initial fleet was extremely large, much of it has dispersed to nearby systems following the successful complete destruction of enemy orbital forces. This was done in order to deny the enemy from flanking Imperial forces.

The ships remaining in the Khan III system are as follows:

  • Bernice’s Blow
  • Mired’s Omen
  • The Ancestral Wesley
  • The Demonologist (Inquisition Ordo Xenos “Black Ship,” vessel type classified)
  • Ethereal Castle
  • The Queen’s Purgatory
  • The Wandering Duke
  • Ominus Redemptus (Adeptus Mechanicus Mass Cargo Conveyance vessel)

Several dozen Imperial Navy atmospheric aircraft wings also remain to support the ground forces of the Imperial Guard. Notably, the 455th “Riotous Steeds” Imperial Navy Fighter Wing is attached to the 63rd Elchingen Hussars. This wing is commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Sebastian Casimiro.

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