Squad Sheet

Listed here are the men, women, and abhumans who have served in Squad Primus, Nine Platoon, Sigrdrífa Company, Gamma Battalion, 63rd Elchingen Hussars. Long may their names and their sacrifice for the God-Emperor of Mankind be remembered.

Squad Designation:

Squad Primus

Regiment Name:

63rd Elchingen Hussars

Logistics Rating:

Base: 10

Name Status Demeanour Cause of Death Date of Death PC?
Junior Commissar Iron Active Stern Yes
Father Orian “Preach” Rulock (attached priest) Active Yes
Trooper Mycah “Brick” Active Boisterous Yes
Ogryn Support Trooper “Brains” Ambrose Active Mentor Yes
Medicae Trooper “Stitches” Dolf Active Yes
Sergeant James Steele KIA Sensible Heavy Bolter 245.773.M41
Trooper Phillipe Coline KIA Coward Downed Valkyrie 245.773.M41
First Acolyte Gilbert Lennox KIA Superstitious Heavy Bolter 246.773.M41
Trooper Gustave Chen KIA Affable Lasgun
Trooper Veronika “Big” Oveena Active Sensible
Sergeant Gaioz Misho KIA Psycho Eviscerator 246.773.M41
Trooper Anri “Lucky” Koba KIA Dreamer Lasgun
Trooper Imeda Vaso KIA Boisterous Eviscerator 246.773.M41
Trooper Revazi Terenti KIA Cook Eviscerator 246.773.M41
Trooper Ivane Avtandil KIA Reckless Eviscerator 246.773.M41
Trooper Valeri Zviad KIA Numb Eviscerator 246.773.M41
2nd Acolyte Wedgewood KIA Talkative
Sergeant Filip Serafim KIA Boisterous Lasgun
Trooper Darin Constantin KIA Superstitious Lasgun
Trooper Shelbi Esmorose KIA Psycho Plasma Gun
Spotter Charlotte LaPadite, Resistance Fighter Active Shellshocked
Sniper Rielle Satnove, Resistance Fighter Active Quiet
Trooper Darlene Avidan KIA Incompetent Autogun
Trooper Albert Adams KIA Reckless Autogun
Trooper Niels Chantal KIA Affable Autogun
Trooper Ari Ngheri KIA Smooth Autogun
Trooper Dorof Greggs KIA Old Autogun
Trooper Lachlin Beumers KIA Oblivious Autogun
Trooper Theunis Addison KIA Loose Cannon Autogun
Sergeant Sabe Kirchner KIA Obsessive Exploding Wirewolf
Trooper Aristide Morgenstern KIA Nihilist Exploding Wirewolf
3rd Acolyte Camden KIA Pious Wirewolf claws
Trooper Lena Lauristen Active Incompetent
Trooper Marcelle Dudel KIA Never bathes Wirewolf claws
Trooper Thad WIA Green Lasgun

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